A Golden Age of Political Activism

Recently, Americans have faced the darkest history of the century such as growing inequality, political polarization, mass shooting and disruptive technology. Thus these changes have sparked off more political activism activity as compared to past decades. Some of well know rights activism include; Black Lives Matter protest, Tea Party rallies, Women’s March and pro-immigrant movements. However, last month gun control march which included student’s participation talks volume about the American political socialization.

President Trump talked about the significant rally organized in Washington that will feature almost 500,000 conservative’s activists who will speak about gun issues. Nevertheless, hundreds of Americans are contributing every day on social media by commenting and signing online petitions to push for a political cause. During the 1960s elections were personal that opponents didn’t recognize each other as fellow countrymen thus the Civil War broke out. This 1960s was an era of American protest but not compared to the current scale and ideological diversity we are experiencing today due to social media.

History notes that never before had people engaged in political discussion as they do with social media. They argue that today’s age of activism has most been fueled by technological advancement, campaign finance system and political polarization. People still come out and hold up real placards, attend rallies and talk about politics every time in the streets and all social places.



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