Protesting Gun Violence Won’t Affect Admissions

After protests on gun violence, university admissions officials have supported the high school students involved in the demonstrations and were later disciplined by their administrators for being part of the protests. The protests parked last week after a horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that resulted in the death of 17 students. Nationwide campus protests were demanding the lawmakers to implement reasonable gun control. The administrators from the University of Maryland said that the students benefit from civic discourse and dialogue and non-academic disciplinary action on the protesters will any admissions into the university.

According to a report by CNN, some school districts were cracking down the students who participated in the protests so that they would suspend them. Stu Schmill, the dean of admissions at Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that it was appropriate for the students to make decisions on different values and choose an appropriate response to some situations that impact on their lives. Other institutions inclusive of the University of Connecticut, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the California Institute of Technology have taken a stand of supporting the students against punishment citing that it was an indication that the students are holding on to their values.


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