The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project Political Activism Social Interest Group under the leadership of Lisa Hickey and Carol Bluestein are putting their efforts together towards the establishment of a platform that supports a governmental agenda which includes human rights, equality, and justice for everyone. The Good Men Project hopes to provide civic education to voters on the issues of 2018-2020 elections. In the long term, it hopes to bring changes in the election strategy and transitioning from a primary two-party system to Proportional Representation and shift from a one choice vote to Ranked Choice Voting according to a proposal given by fair vote. The change will grant voters a choice and representation through people seated in Congress. If this takes place, the government will be free from any political influence and services will be delivered effectively.

The platform hopes to ensure that everyone has access to life, the three branches of government remain separate and provide the separation of the church and the state. The platform has recently introduced reforms in response to some current situations I the United States where other countries have lead in health, education, and financial status rankings. The Reforms hope to make America great again in these sectors and promote the services to the people.


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