Clashes Over Court Ruling in Maldives

Following the clashes between Maldives police and the opposition, two people were arrested. The protesters were demanding the government to obey a Supreme Court order that directed the release of nine political prisoners. According to the court ruling, the arrests were influenced by politics, and it ordered a new trial for the nine people. When the protesters took to the streets demanded their release, the police responded and used batons and pepper spray to stop the crowds. Amnesty International’s South Asia director, Biraj Patnaik has urged the government to implement the ruling of the Supreme Court and end their hunt against the political opposition and other government critics. He recommended the retrials to be conducted by adherence to the international standards and urged the authorities to restore judicial independence.

India further urged the Maldives government to guarantee the safety of its people. The ex-President of the Maldives, Mohammed Nasheed who was among the prisoners to be freed said that he would run for office against the current president Yameen Abdul Gayoom who has been set for re-election unopposed following the jailing r exiling of all his opponents. The ex-President Mohammed Nasheed has called for reforms in the security services of the country. One opposition leader in the Maldives has said that the opposers of the government will keep up with the protests until the prisoners that were ordered to be released will be free.


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