Egyptian Activist Acquitted of Illegal Protest

The court of appeal in the city of Alexandria recently acquitted Mahienour el-Masry a prominent activist and also a human rights lawyer charged with engaging in an unlawful demonstration. She was charged and sentenced to two-year prison in Decembers 2017 when he took part in a protest against the Egyptian government decision to transfer two Red Sea strategic island to Saudi Arabia government.

The Egypt and Saudi Arabia 2016 deal led to rare protests in the country despite 2013 ban on all demonstration. El-Mesry is known for his courageous activism in labor movements by championing the rights of Egyptians works. Additionally, she has been very vibrant on the plight of Palestinian and Syrian refugees living in Egypt. The Alexandria court released their judgment on late Saturday after the judge found El-Mesry innocent.

Moreover, El-Mesry is a renowned outspoken person who has been championing the rights of political prisoners and detainees. Egyptian authority is known for its cruel treatment against political activists, journalist and any person who tries to talk against Abdel Fattah the President. The Egyptian security forces and military have a recorded of targeting female protesters and subjecting them to torture, violence, sexual abuse and threats of rape. The government has been accused of using excessive force against demonstrators the same way the previous regime unleashed brutality against female demonstrators.


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