US Billionaire Activist Moves to Throw Out Trump

Tom Steyer, recently said that he had redoubled his campaign to oust President Trump from office by channeling $30 million into the campaign to ensure the Democrats regain control over Congress. The American billionaire who made his first fortune as a fund manager at hedge said his goal is not to run for office in 2018 but instead he wants to save the soul of American that is currently at jeopardy over Trump administration.

The 60-years-old Steyer is a renowned environmentalist and a political activists who launched an impeachment campaign last year urging the public to petition the Congress to impeach Trump. Surprisingly, the campaign has attracted more than 4.1 million people who have signed the petition since October last year. The campaign is supported by a multi-million-dollar ad paid by Steyer on cable television.

Moreover, Steyer has said that he intends to expand his impeachment campaign which he said it would be a vehicle of unprecedented engagement effort that will encourage the young voters to help bring change in American by removing dozens of Republicans politicians from office. Steyer further argues that ousting Trump government will make American a just society that was initially meant to be when the founding fathers established the USA.


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