Belgium Appoints a Woman as Saudi Arabia Ambassador

Belgium is probably the first country globally to nominate a woman as their ambassador in Saudi Arabia. This act shows a defiance against the oil-rich autocracy nation, with a notorious record of women’s rights violation. The Belgian broadcaster VRT gave a public report where they announce the appointment of Dominique Mineur to head Belgian embassy situated in the Saudi capital Riyhad.
This appointment function to send a clear signal to the Saudi government on the need for gender-based reforms. Saudi Arabia is considered to be slow on adopted and implementing gender reforms as compared to its neighboring country. Women in Saudi were banned from attending sports games in the stadium and also driving until recently when this policy was changed in October.
Women in Saudi work in a restricted area where they are not allowed to freely mix with the opposite sex and also required ask for permission to travel alone. Moreover, Saudi women are restricted from appearing in public without the hijab (long black full-length head covering). Women are also required to seek male permission to conduct particular businesses or marry. Furthermore, women testimony is regarded with low esteem as compared to that of a man during a court session. Hence, the move by Belgium countries is meant to encourage other state actors to do the same and put more pressure on the Saudi government to rectify policies against women’s right.


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