Protests in Beijing over Migrants Crackdown

Buildings inclusive of houses and factories that belonged to migrants were abolished in Beijing as the migrants were forcefully evicted. In response, protesters have flooded the streets of Chinese Capital condemning the forceful political evictions that were violent and violated many human rights. On Sunday, protesters converged at Feijia village during a small rally that condemned the evictions and demolitions. During the Beijing’s rundown periphery in November, the authorities intensified their efforts to drive poor migrant workers from the city amidst deadly tenement fire.
There are suspicions by some activist that the evictions are part of interior motives such as the grabbing of valuable land in gentrifying areas of the city. City officials have come out to deny the allegations with claims that they are interested only in saving lives by bringing down illegal, unsafe and overcrowded buildings. Eli Friedman, a Cornell University academic who studies China’s labor movement said that the protests were the first to take place since the onset of the crackdown. He further noted that Beijing failed to calculate the atrocities that would result in from the evictions and demolitions. Friedman said that the protests would be stopped from spreading if they would have the potential to contaminate potentially explosive groups. The crackdown has made people homeless with no way to sustaining their lives and the situation continues to spark protests.


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