Barelvi Activism

In Pakistan, many people have been left in dismay following the paralyzing of Islamabad-Rawalpindi by Barelvi Group while forcing the government to accept its demands. The sermons given by Barelvi clerks and scholars impact a sense of victimhood on rival sects such as Deobandis since Barelvi is the dominant sect in Pakistan. Numerous of the Barelvi organizations use blasphemy in efforts to gain glory and political relevance. The role of religion in politics has remained an enduring that has plagued Pakistan since its formation. Previous by-poll results in Lahore and Peshawar saw supporters of TLYRA securing the third and fifth positions. It remains unclear the Barelvi group that will consolidate its position before the elections. It is evident that the increase Barelvi activism is impacting on politics in Pakistan and this might trigger a sense of unity among the groups which might decide to unite and contest for elections as one unit or further experience divisions sparked from leadership and power struggles.
Previously the Barelvis created the Nizam-i-Mustafa Mutahidda Mahaz as a strategy to maximize their electoral success. Seven Barelvi parties have joined this alliance, and there are hopes to welcome Sunni Tehreek and the TLYRA-Jalali faction soon. The coalition is a strategy to influence some powerful symbols to join the Barelvi political cause.


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