A Protester Throws Russian Flags Towards Trump

President Donald Trump made his first appearance as the president at Senate Republicans’ weekly policy luncheon on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Standing among the members of the media was a man who was well dressed who threw Russian flags towards Donald Trump while shouting that Trump was treason. As the flags fell, the president flashed thumbs up towards the protester. The man who spoke in much bitterness accused Trump of being in conspiracy with the agents of the Russian government, and that focus should be shifted from tax cuts to treason. The man who identifies himself as Ryan Clayton with the group Americans Take Action was subdued by the police to calm the chaos. Americas Take Action was a group working to impeach Donald Trump. In a facility with many investigations and tight security, it remained unclear how the man accessed Capitol that is restricted to tourists.
The media reported that it was not the first attempt for Ryan to engage with authorities in protests against Donald Trump. Currently, federal investigations are underway to establish how Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential elections in the US. Trump has received a lot of criticism for being soft on Russia. In July, Clayton made attempts to use Jared Kushner, Trump`s son in law who would autograph Russian flags. The man also made a distribution of the Russian flags to people who had gathered to hear from Trump when he took over office


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