Political Activism weekend that Focused on Women Election

Thousands of people took to the street on Sunday in Las Vegas with a focus on influencing voter registration in swing states. The marches organized by women encouraged the resident to turn out and vote more women and progressive politicians into office as they stand behind the motto that says “when we vote, we win.”

The speaker urged the crowd to throw their full support behind issues that ails the American society. Issues such as racial equality, improvements to immigration policies, stopping gun violence and gay rights. Women such as Paulette Jordan expressed her interest in running for Idaho governorship with the hope of becoming the first Native American woman to hold the seat. Additionally, she encouraged other women to run for office as well.

During this movement, the plight of Native American women was highlighted as supporters wore red cloths to express their disappointment with the alarming rates of violent crime and injustices against indigenous women. Events of such magnitude were witnessed in places such as Lansing, Miami, Michigan, Albuquerque, and Pittsburgh. Women all over joined together to support women’s right, arguing that they need equal resources as their male counterparts to help then raise their families in joy and safety. Research has shown that approximately 2.5 million people came out to support women’s march over the weekend.


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