Russian Troll Factory and the Meddling of the US Election

After investigations, it was revealed that Russians who posed as Americans paid activists to engage in protests during elections. Probes by a media outlet in Russia established that the Russian trolls paid US activists to fund protest movements on socially divisive issues and thus Russia meddled n the US election. According to the RBC newspaper, there were 118 Facebook accounts and groups associated with the troll factory. The accounts had been blocked during the investigations by the US on Russian election meddling. Investigations linked the accounts to Russian disinformation efforts in western outlets. However, according to RBC, screenshots were provided by the troll factory of internal group administration pages of some of the groups indicating they were run from Russia.
According to RBC, the administrators of the Facebook pages and groups real activists from the US to assist with organizing protests and events and were offered financial help for transport and also printing expenditures. The groups run from Russia addressed race relations, gun rights, and Texan independence and had over 1.2 million subscribers.
The infiltration of American social networks by Russian trolls who use VPNs to disguise their locations. They made politicized entries mostly in praise of President Vladimir Putin or posts about the degeneration of Europe. The employers of the troll factory said that they used social media to raise social issues amongst other problems existing n the US.


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