A Juggalo`s Life Matters Campaign

Juggalo is a band and a hip-hop group consisting of the duo Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Following a report by the FBI in 2011, Juggalo was labeled as a gang which the team has denied saying that music is not a crime. According to the group, the accusation has had a negative impact on anyone who associates themselves with them. Many are exposed to discrimination, loss of their jobs and custody of their children due to their affiliation with the group. Last Saturday, fans of Juggalo’s marched in the streets of Washington DC saying that the band is not dangerous, but it is a family that loves each other.
The symbol of the band features a man running with a hatchet, and the signature white-and-black face paint. In an incidence, crimes committed by men with Juggalo tattoos were arrested which prompted the FBI to identify the group in entirety as a threat and placed it under the National Gang Threat Assessment in 2011
Supporters of Juggalo made claims through explanations of how the organization had supported them in the days of desperation and term the classification as ridiculous. They painted their faces and wore clown masks in their demonstrations while calling upon the government to acknowledge their legality and agree that a Juggalo’s life matters


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