Israel Court Extends Detention of Underage Political Activism

A Palestinian teenager, Ahed Tamimi, 16 who was arrested after footage went viral on Facebook on Dec 15th of her hitting and kicking soldiers in the occupied West Bank, Nabi Salih. Later she was charged with twelve counts of offense including throwing stones and aggravated assault. She could face at least 14 years’ imprisonment.

During the court hearing, her fathers continued yelling asking his daughter how she was and encouraging her to be strong. Ahed detention by Israel authority has sparked off international outcry with Amnesty International urging them to immediately release Ahed, arguing that continued detainment goes against the Rights of the children prescribed in the UN Convention.

Deputy director of Amnesty’s Middle East, Magdalena Mughrabi condemned the arrest of unarmed teenage girl claimed to have assaulted two armed soldiers who wore protective gear, she further argued that the Palestinian girl did not pose any threat to the soldiers and that her punishment is cruel. Ahed action was part of the legitimate resistance against the occupation of the West Bank which led to the protest. Meanwhile, soldiers were in the area to stop Palestinians from hitting motorists with stones. Tamimi’s illegal detention has triggered protests across the continent with protestors waving Palestinian flags and others holding placards with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu reading “Terrorist” all in support of Ahed Tamimi.


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