Activism and American Democracy

Political activism is healthy for the continued progress of a nation. However, political activism in America is now being criticized for its possibilities of distorting the democracy in the vast country. An article published by Linker Damon suggested that there were better ways to get involved in democratic politics than exciting its urgencies and importance which he described as up surd. Activists seek to influence the political culture through demands especially in areas touching policies. Their actions are intended to draw attention to themselves and generating enough money used in the lobbying.
Linker accused the activist of influencing how the public thinks about the political reality. They have achieved this through the radicalization of language. Years back, the term white supremacy was not popularly used, but currently, activists have influenced the public to use it in expansive ways. From the ideology off denoting the dominance of white people over other race, the term is now being used to refer to those who voted in Donald Trump and also every white person who fails to show adequate concern on the existence of racism In America. Additionally, in the U.S.A and Europe, people proposing restrictive policies to Islamic terrorism have been described as racist. Damon has thus argued that activism is not necessary for a nation because it has a negative influence on the people in their country.


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