The March Against White Supremacy

For the sixth day, civil rights activists took to the streets in their 118-mile trek from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Washington, D.C. protesting against white supremacy and the ideas that triggered violence in Charlottesville that was deadly. The protest is a 10-day journey involving organizers from progressive and faith organizations. The march called March to Confront White Supremacy commenced on Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park and will conclude at the nation`s capital with non-violent civil disobedience.
The marchers were escorted by an escort from the Virginia State Police and Virginia Department of Transportation. They used placards to communicate their messages such as black lives matter messages while singing songs whose words were centered on racial-justice. They are calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump and the elimination of white supremacists from his administration. The group further demanded an end to discriminative policies based on color, criminal justice and policing practices.
The marchers, a composition of people of color are demanding for equality and has received some high-profile support in their march inclusive of Hollywood star and progressive activist Mark Ruffalo who joined the marchers on Friday. The march is part of liberal activism in the wake of the August 12 against white supremacy that left the anti-racist counter protester Heather Heyer and several people critically injured.


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