2017 U.S Elections Still Inspiring Political Activism

Despite Trump’s actions to take Americans back to the dark days, women are fighting for a bright future. Interestingly, what started out as an idea in January 2017 has turned out to be an international movement across the continents. Women being on the forefront took to the street together with a few men and several celebrities in a protest in what is known as Women’s March.

Last Saturday the streets of Los Angeles and New York witnessed a big crowd of protesters marching against President Trump’s policies that undermine the women rights. Since the last march, it’s evident that women have increased interest in politics. This interest was ignited with the #MeToo campaign after the country attempt to ignore the sexual harassment problem in Hollywood. However, after the #MeToo movement occurred, several cases of sexual abuse in the White House have started to emerge.

Women have been calling for justice after being harassed sexually by actors, directors, comedians and even Congressmen but their plea has always been ignored. Surprisingly, despite Trump being caught on camera speaking about sexual harassment, he was still elected as the president. Thus women realized that they have to fight for themselves to get the respect they deserve. Political leaders should be held to the same standards as everyone for the nation to realize that sexual harassment is a serious problem.


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