Pressure on Advocacy Groups

Fictional Pressure Group


Purpose: to defend for the human rights of the tortured people

Slogan: Centralize the Vulnerable and Marginalize the Powerful

Strategies used:

  1. Watchdog Oversight
  2. Lobbying
  3. Legal Defense

There will be some watchdogs sent to the countries where the violation frequently happens. The watchdogs will keep their eyes on the violated human rights issues such as death penalties, unfair trials, forced labor, torture, and detention. The watchdogs will also “provide vertical accountability, which means to check that the government respects the Constitution and the rights of its people or that cooperation abides by the law, treats their workers fairly and be ethical and responsible.”

When watchdogs report the unfair cases, this imaginary pressure group will start lobbying for changes against the government of the country where the human rights are violated. At the same time, the group will start fundraising. It will collect funds as much as it can and get donations. Then, the collected funds will be used for various purposes including supporting those who are suffering.

These three activities will be the most appropriate strategies of running the pressure groups. By using watchdog oversight strategy, the group will be able to pay a close attention to the minor yet important human rights issues that are unknown to the world. Watchdog oversight strategy will definitely bring those issues up to the surface. Lobbying strategy will be the most important activity. Through this activity, the group will be able to grab the government’s attention, influence business and government leaders, and make a change. Legal defense will be necessary in order to provide the funds and supports that is needed to make progress.


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