Internet Activism: International Anti-Fur Coalition’s Use of Social Media

As technology advanced, social media has been directly and highly influencing people’s life. Regardless of age and gender, almost everyone has their own social media accounts such as email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. People spend time to check the updates, to communicate to each other, or even to watch a video. Because social media has powerful effect, some companies and organizations use social media in order to advertise their commodities or campaigns.

One such example is International Anti-Fur Coalition’s use of YouTube.

According to one of the agencies of the video, Lowe Bull, the idea was “to give the viewer a reality check by showing that this glamorous fur handbag was once an animal.”  In the video, the woman is “completely nonchalant about the animal innards” when she takes her ringing cellphone out. This shows how “people don’t see the torture committed by the fur trade when purchasing fur.”

Through using YouTube, not only International Anti-Fur Coalition was able to clearly and realistically conveyed the message, but they were also able to widespread the message, enabling many people to recognize the social problem that they weren’t able to acknowledge before.


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