Environmental Activism: Save the Arctic

Save the Arctic was a campaign that was started by Greenpeace in order to secure Arctic protection, to stop Big Oil’s destruction of the Arctic, and to defend the wildlife.

Save the Arctic movement officially started in 2013. The campaign started smoothly; over 2.5 million people signed the petition supporting the campaign. However, during their campaign, many activists were arrested. In August of 2013, two activists were captured. In the following month, about thirty activists were arrested in Pechora Sea. To save these activists, Greenpeace sent petitions to all over the world. As a result, the arrested activists were freed.

Way before Save the Arctic movement officially started, some activists who saw the issue of oil spilling in Arctic as a serious environmental issue. In fact, in 2010, the environmental activists had protested against Shells, the oil company, to stop the oil drilling in Arctic; they painted “No Arctic Drilling” on the Shell’s ship that was supposed to go for oil drilling.


Greenpeace never stopped to announce about the truth of the oil drilling. The activists continued to take their actions by urging and boycotting Lego, the most famous children toy making company, to stop using Shell’s logo on their products. Furthermore, Greenpeace promoted few fun campaigns to make people aware of the problematic issue. The organization held a campaign where children can build “giant Arctic animals out of LEGO on the doorstep of Shell’s London HQ, in playful protest of their favorite toy’s partnership with the oil company planning to drill the Arctic.” In Hong Kong, Paris, and Buenos Aires, “miniature LEGO people held small but furious protests against their LEGO bosses’ partnership with Shell.” In Denmark, “tiny LEGO climbers held a daring protest at a Shell gas station.”


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