Anti-Kabila Protests in Congo

During protests organized by the Catholic Church, Congolese security forces killed six people and left many injured when they fired teargas in efforts to disperse the crowds protesting against President Joseph Kabila. According to a report by Reuter’s witness, police and paramilitary troops fired tear gas and shot in the air outside Notre Dame Cathedral in the capital Kinshasa. The spokeswoman for the UN mission (MONUSCO), Florence Marchal was among the 57 wounded people and the many detained during the arrest made across the country. After his mandate ended in December 2016, Kabila refused to step down which has sparked a series of protests in Kinshasa Mbuji-Mayi, the eastern cities of Goma, Lubumbashi among other places. The current political situation is feared to cause economic backwardness in the country and trigger war similar to one that killed millions in the 1990s caused by war and disease.

The people are making demands that Kabila should leave office since his two terms are done and respect the right of the land. , General Sylvano Kasongo, the chief of police, gave strict warnings to the protester that the protests were banned and any attempts to disrupt public order will not be tolerated. Diplomats from the United States, British and Swiss embassies are commending the citizens for the protests and urged them to exercise the constitutional rights.


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