Women`s March in Idaho Falls on the Quest for Political Equality

Women are developing increased interests in the political status in their countries and are becoming more aware of their political rights. In Idaho Falls, hundreds of women came together for the second annual Power to the Polls Women’s march on Saturday morning. The event was meant to encourage the involvement of women in the political arena as participants at the ballot and on the ballot. In a news release, Miranda Marquit, one of the event organizers, said that the involvement and the contribution of the women in the marketplace of ideas would generate great results and find solutions to the existing challenges. Miranda said that they need to get to the polls in high numbers and participate in boards, attend council meetings and run for different offices.

Power to the polls is an event that began at the Museum of Idaho, and Rebecca Casper, the Mayor of Idaho, addressed the crowd on political equality. According to her, the representation of women in public offices is far too low although it is also a vast improvement from 1980. Arantza Zabala, a local activist, said that the march was a strategy to create public awareness to the equality and rights of women. Casper urged the women to continue the quest for political justice and bring an end to the existing stereotypes on women leadership.


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