North Korea: Abuses Hidden Under Celebrations

In North Korea, one of the big holidays is the birthday of Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea. When they celebrate the big events, North Korean government uses these chances to reveal the only good part of their country. However, their effort was fruitless; one can only cover the sky partially with his palm, but he cannot cover the sky entirely.

According to Thae Yong-Ho, the formal ambassador of North Korea to UK, the North Koreans are treated as “slaves.” Sometimes, they are asked to “do unpaid work for government offices.” Not only adults, but kids also are treated as “slaves”; they are not being educated as kids of those ages should be, but they are put into “forced labor.”

The ‘Chain Gang’ of Children Works along a Stretched of Railway.
The Children Carry Heavy Bags of Rocks.

“Forced labor” is nothing but a practical joke. In February 2014, United Nations Commission of Inquiry reported that the human rights violations were in the “highest level of the state.” Some abuses included the following: “murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortion, and other forms of sexual violence.”

These violations against human rights must be abolished. People around the world should work together and help the North Korean people from these abuses.


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